Transport 6.1
Transporter 6.1
Starting from R425 700

Introducing the Volkswagen Transporter 6.1, Perfect for any job

The Volkswagen Transporter range is the perfect addition to any company, big or small and for people who just love practicality. With a range of variants in the Transporter line up to choose from a pickup, crew cab or panel van, there is no doubt that there is a Transporter for every situation. The Transporter range is Fitted as standard with the Composition Colour radio system features a 6.5-inch touch-screencolour display, two USB (type-C) ports, Bluetooth, App-Connect SD card slot. Never be late for a meeting with navigation and never miss a call with all the connected features again

Taking organised to a whole new level

Each Variant of the Transporter comes packed with storage solutions in the cockpit of each vehicle. Personal goods and valuable items can be secured in a lockable glove compartment, documents can also be stored from harm’s way and within reach at all times. Drinks are held in bottle and cup holders too for long days where coffee and a bottle of water are essential.

 Volkswagen Transport carries Valuable Cargo

Volkswagen understands that you are the most important cargo at all times, and because of this, they have introduced a range of safety features in the Transporter to make sure you arrive safely every trip. Features include a whole range of devices that ensure your safety from Crosswind assist - Crosswind Assist detects track offset caused by strong crosswinds and corrects the course of the vehicle automatically making sure the occupants and load are always secure, tyre pressure monitoring systems that Display tyre pressures warns of changes from the set pressure. and post-collision braking systems which brakes the vehicle automatically after a collision to prevent a second impact.

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    Transporter 6.1 Cab Range

    From R425 700

    Transporter 6.1 Panel Van

    From R549 600

    Transporter 6.1 Crew Bus

    From R642 500