Caddy Crew Bus
Starting from R339 900

Meet the Volkswagen Caddy Crew Bus

The VW Caddy Crew Bus is the perfect business partner for you, no matter what industry you work in. It exudes a high level of reliability and charisma and can get the job done. Its bold look is accentuated by its sharper lines and bold front. The back has been redesigned and offers rear wing doors as a standard feature on the vehicle with an optional upward-lifting tailgate. The vehicle also has a chrome strip on the radiator grille and headlights that stand out.

Drive beyond your comfort zone with the Volkswagen Caddy Crew Bus

The Caddy Crew Bus was cleverly designed to adapt to your everyday needs. You will find that your Caddy Crew Bus is not just perfect for work but even after-work activities. This vehicle has been upgraded and advanced thoroughly, on the inside and outside. The cockpit is impressive with high-quality finishes and a well-organized instrument cluster. It has an easy-grip steering wheel with a flat bottom. You can adjust this to your individual preferences in your ergonomically designed seats which are designed in cloth upholstery (optional).

Extra space for turned up comfort

The vehicle has ample legroom and improved interior acoustics which add to its overall driving comfort. The headrests are specifically contoured and patented as an additional safety feature for the passengers. With the VW Caddy Crew Bus, you can ensure every job is done with efficiency and organization. It has generous storage and many storage compartments and surfaces, all ranging in size. The Caddy Crew bus is the perfect companion for you and your business - or even your family. It has built-in hinges, rails and handles that can withstand the most demanding conditions. The low loading sill height and different door variants make it so much easier to travel in and the ideal workmate.

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    Crew Bus 5-seater

    Crew Bus 7-seater