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Meet the Volkswagen Amarok

The VW Amarok is not just smart but it is also tough. The Amarok will transform your expectations of what a bakkie should be and offers a 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine that delivers 190kW and 580 Nm torque. The Amarok has everything you need to get your job done effectively. The car delivers on safety and has intuitive technology features that have been designed with you in mind. You will be able to tackle any terrain with the VW Amarok, more reliable than before and with advanced safety features like an automatic post-collision braking system and also features an electronic trailer stabilization system as a standard feature.

The Volkswagen Amarok can take on any terrain

The only pick-up in its class that comes with an automatic post-collision braking system, the car has 17” disc brakes at the front and 16” disc brakes at the back. The post braking system will trigger braking after a collision to ensure that there isn’t a second collision. Thereafter the vehicle will begin to decline its speed at 10km/h and the driver can take over at any time. The vehicle also has an anti-theft warning system which will trigger acoustic and visual warnings if there is any unwelcome or forced entry into the vehicle.

Kitted out with high-tech safety and security features

Its interior is impeccable and the vehicle also includes an electronic immobilizer, safe lock that can be deactivated and tow-away protection. The steering wheel is covered in leather, together with the paddles. The ergonomic paddles allow the driver to change gears for a sportier experience. The Amarok’s steering is multi-functional and allows you to switch radio stations or use the navigation system and your mobile phone. It has a 190kW six-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 3.0-litre capacity and will deliver even on the toughest demands.

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