Comfort Hybrid Drive System
Exterior aero-stabilising fins
Technology Power Control Unit(PCU)

Toyota Prius: The future of Driving

Make room for a greener future in the next-generation hybrid Prius which combines a perfect synergy between a petrol engine and electric motor. This new hybrid drive system is designed to take up less space whilst reducing the noise level and cutting emissions even further. Living loud silently!

Reimagined styling

For the ultimate drive, the exterior blends smoothly into the environment with its sleek design, aero-stabilising fins and underbody panels to reduce wind resistance. With a new look that is both bold and striking, the new Prius respects the world around it whilst enhancing it at the same time. The all-new interior boasts technology and functionality with a smart multifunctional interface, intuitive information displays and ample luggage space.

Embraced by nature

Being kind to our environment is what the new Prius is all about. Our next-generation hybrid engine is defined by an intelligent balance between the 1.8-litre petrol engine and electric motor, switching between the two for maximum efficiency. The near-silent motor adds to the tranquillity around you and the fuel economy of the Toyota Prius has set benchmarks worldwide. The Power Control Unit (PCU) is essential for the functions of power management, engine control and efficiency. It also houses the hybrid cooling system that conserves energy to reduce emissions further. The engine offers a higher level of dynamic efficiency, whilst continuing to lead the way!

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Model Range

Prius 1.8

From R586 500